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NPower Services helps integrate adults with special needs into their communities by identifying and providing employment readiness skill training, athletics, art, music, and volunteer opportunities. NPower helps adults with Developmental Disabilities build meaningful lives.

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The NPower Story

NPower was founded by Lori Weber, a mom with an autistic, adult daughter. All through the K - 12 education system, Lori learned that it took a team of teachers, direct service providers, social service assistants, and other care providers and specialists to help her daughter reach different potentials - often pushing past expectations.

Graduation changes everything for the developmentally disabled (DD) population. Most activities end, leaving young adults with few activities or goals that help them continue to grow, find friends, learn, and interact with the community. While typical graduates go to college or get jobs, DD graduates often fall into routines that lead to a dormant lifestyle with few opportunities to challenge themselves and grow. 

A transition out of school and into the world is scary for anyone, but is particularly challenging for those with anxiety, autism, Down’s or other disabilities. But, with some creativity, effort and input from the people themselves, it’s possible to find meaningful activities, engage with others, learn new skills and enjoy life.

Encouraging members of the DD community to identify what they enjoy and find ways to pursue their dreams has become a theme for NPower Services. NPower helps special-needs adults build meaningful lives by identifying and finding opportunities including volunteering, music, art, service, fitness, and employment-building skills.

Nclusion and Diversity Statement 

NPower Services is committed to finding and creating inclusion opportunities. By embracing neurodiversity and physical differences, we create a kinder, more tolerant world where it is easier for everyone to be themselves. And when we can all be our best selves, everyone is elevated. 

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Geauga County Board of Developmental Disabilities Metzenbaum Foundation
Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities

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