Volunteer NClusion


What’s your jam? Let’s find out! Volunteering is a great way to meet people, discover new interests and form connections.

NPower learns about each client’s aspirations and finds local organizations that encourage people to get plugged into their communities. We’ll help you find the right opportunity.

What's your big dream?

Bakery? Library? Exercise? Cars? Music? Sports? Beauty? Art? Grocery? Yoga? Aviation? Cycling? Reading? Knitting? Dogs? Fish? Computers? Archery? Farming? Woodworking? The possibilities are limitless!

Email us and let's see what we can find!

Businesses and Organizations: Are you looking for volunteer help? Call us!

We can help you embrace a culture of inclusion and diversity. We have a pipeline of people on the entire spectrum of neurodiversity who want to be included in meaningful activities. Demonstrate your commitment to creating a world where everyone can play a part in contributing to both their own personal enrichment as well as your team's and organization's success.

Three wins:

  1. Volunteer - Gains experience, socialization
  2. Business / Organization - Gains assistance in important tasks that may otherwise require staff dedicated to other projects to handle
  3. The Greater Community - Sees diversity in action, increasing acceptance that developmentally disabled (DD) or special-needs people can make meaningful contributions
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