Geauga Joggers & Walkers


NPower started this free jogging and walking club for adults of all ability levels. We gather for regular walks, runs, yoga and conditioning with a goal of participating in a community 5K every season. Everyone works to their desired level, and cheers on all members. Gatherings are throughout Geauga County and surrounding areas. Sponsored by the Geauga County Board of Developmental Disabilities and The Metzenbaum Foundation.

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New for 2022! We've expanded our excursions to 17 outings, adding five new parks, two 5K races, and two sessions with a Geauga Parks District Naturalist who can help us learn about the beautiful terrain and animals of Geauga County.

2022 Geauga Joggers and Walkers Schedule-P1
2022 Geauga Joggers and Walkers Schedule-P2
Geauga Joggers & Walkers