Connect to One helps northeast Ohio’s differently abled adults find friends and make connections

Finding Friends

Finding friends while navigating high school’s post-graduation world can be tricky for anyone. But it’s extremely challenging for people with developmental disabilities. Connect to One is an organization that helps adults with DDs find friends and go places.

Connect to One is a service that matches up disabled Cleveland-area individuals looking for one-on-one friendships and dating relationships. The agency operates a private and secure database that allows people to create a profile and browse the directly for those with similar interests and lifestyles. Users can place requests to “meet up” with those they would like to get to know, and Connect to One arranges the first meeting.

The service is free to disabled adults who are 18 and older. Anyone living in a group home, with parents, or independently is welcome to participate.

How it works

If you are interested in becoming part of the Connect to One network, fill out an application on the website:

After staff has reviewed the application and verified its truthfulness, they will publish your profile in the directory. The Connect to One directory is password protected, so only authorized members can view it. Once your profile has been published, members can view it and place requests to “meet up” with you. You can also search the directory and place requests to meet others. The team will process these requests and contact you within a week. After they’ve passed the invitation from a person looking to meet you, you can either accept or decline their offer. Use the profile as the basis to make your decision. If you decide to accept, we will mediate between both parties to arrange a time and place for you to meet each other.

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