Five Reasons to Volunteer as an Adult with Special Needs

Volunteering is a great way to get involved in the community, meet new people and develop skills that could lead to hobbies, friends, and possible employment. Volunteer as an adult with special needs to be exposed to new opportunities and people.

Let’s look at a few benefits of volunteering from the volunteer’s perspective:

1. Get involved in the community! Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at your local gym, library or ice cream shop? Lots of activities happen long before anyone can take an exercise class, check out a book or order that double-scoop of chocolate-chip mint. Anyone curious about their community may find that volunteering offers the perfect entry-point education. 

2. Looking to interact with more people? Consider volunteering. In many instances, you’ll be paired with a mentor / coach who can help you. You’ll also be likely to work side-by-side with other people engaged in similar duties. You can talk about your favorite shows, foods and what you’re learning as you volunteer. Who knows? You may even make a friend or two.

3. Develop skills. Who doesn’t want to learn something new or improve existing skills? One volunteer got so good at making gourmet sandwiches for charity events, that pretty soon his boss invited him to work on the kitchen line at his coffee shop! 

4. Try new things. Not sure about grocery store work? What better way to find out than by shadowing in the bakery, deli, or registers? What about gardening? Dog walking? Who knows – you may find your next favorite hobby.

5. Non-verbal? Mobility issues? That’s OK! Activities like folding and sorting provide opportunities to be helpful – and don’t require conversation or much movement. 

We’re just getting started. If you’re interested in being a volunteer, contact us! We can’t promise immediate success, but we are committed to looking for the right opportunity for both the volunteer as well as the organization.

Next post: The benefits of volunteering from the organization’s perspective.