Join Geauga Joggers & Walkers!

Join Geauga Joggers & Walkers!

You know that good feeling you get when you’re in nature? The fresh air, the green trees, budding flowers and blue sky? It’s great! Geauga Joggers & Walkers helps people of all abilities enjoy nature’s beauty along the trails and sidewalks of Geauga County and surrounding areas.

GJ&W is a group of adults of all ability levels who enjoy each other’s company as they either walk or jog at bi-monthly gatherings. There’s no pressure to go fast or slow! Just do what you’d like. 

Our FAQs:

Who can participate?

Our original intent was to make this a welcoming place for adults with any kind of developmental disability to stay active and enjoy our local environment on an ongoing basis. We began by reaching out to people in their 20s and 30s who may have been active in school sports or other organized active clubs, but upon graduation, lost the opportunities to get together and exercise. Although several member fit this demographic, the scope has broadened to include their family members and friends. We’ve attracted several serious runners as well as people of all ages – both neuro-typical and those with learning differences – who want to meet others and explore our parks and neighborhoods. 

We are truly an integrated group of all abilities.

When was this group formed?

We started drafting the ideas for GJ&W in the summer of 2020. Our first gathering was at the West Woods in September.

Is there any competition?

Several members are former cross country and track participants, who encourage each other to push themselves to constantly improve.

We invite all members to attend – either to participate in or cheer members on – in an organized 5K. Depending on interest, we may attend a few of these local races. In 2021, our event is the Geauga Park District’s “Caveman Crawl” to be held September 12 at the West Woods in Newbury. See schedule for details. 

But, what if I hate racing?

No problem! Lots of our members just want to take a walk in the woods. We all buddy up with an appropriate speed group, and go at our own pace.

How do I join?

Email Lori Weber at NPower Services. ( You’ll be put onto our email list and will receive regular updates about activities. 

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes appropriate for exercise. Since most of our gatherings are outdoor, dress for the weather. Good walking or running shoes are a must. Thanks to a grant from The Metzenbaum Foundation, we have “team” T-shirts with our logos. These are available while quantities last. Ask Lori for information. 

What if the weather is lousy?

Lori will send everyone an email the day of the scheduled gathering if weather conditions are unsafe. 

What do you do in the winter?

We meet indoors occasionally for instructor-led yoga, dance, or conditioning. All teachers are certified in their respective practices. (Thank you to Fairmount Center for the Arts for allowing us to use your facility last year!)

Our “season” is from April – October. We organize occasional indoor classes November – March. 

Any post-walk or post-run socialization?

Yes! When the weather is nice, we often enjoy a light snack after we’ve completed the trails. 

Any fine print?

All participants must sign a waiver that releases organizers and sponsors from liability regarding injury, food allergies, and use of photos for promotional purposes.

That’s it! See you on the trails!